Vehicle Identification Number “VIN” / German: Fahrzeugidentifikationsnummer “FIN

Establishes the identity of the vehicle using standardised labelling. (Generally the vehicle’s chassis number (see also §59 StVZO)).

VIN – FIN – Vehicle chassis number
VINFIN – Vehicle chassis number

Extract StVZO §59 regarding the vehicle identification number

The vehicle identification number, in accordance with the DIN ISO 3779 standard, February 1977 edition, or in accordance with Council Directive 76/114/EEC of 18 December 1975 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to statutory plates and inscriptions for motor vehicles and their trailers, and their location and method of attachment (OJ L 24 dated 30.1.1976, P. 1), last amended by Directive 2006/96/EC (OJ L 363 dated 20.12.2006, P. 81), must have 17 characters; other vehicle identification numbers are not permitted to have more than 14 characters.

Vehicle chassis number

Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, it must be stamped or embossed at an accessible location on the front right of the vehicle, on the frame or a part that replaces the frame, so as clearly legible.

If, following the replacement of the frame or the part replacing the frame, the removed frame or part is to be reused, then


Permanently cross out the stamped or embossed vehicle identification number as such that it remains legible,


Stamp or emboss the vehicle identification number of the vehicle on which the frame or part is to be used, beside the crossed out number and


Report the crossed-out number to the permit authorities, to be noted on the documentation or reference card of the vehicle on which the frame or part is to be reused.

Sentence 3 Number 3 must be applied accordingly if, after replacement, the vehicle identification number is stamped or embossed onto a frame or replacement part, that does not yet bear a vehicle identification number.

If there is no vehicle identification number or if it cannot be determined with certainty, then the permit authorities can issue a number.

Paragraph 2 applies accordingly for this number.