material analysis with a spectrometer

spectral analysis

Why do you analyze metal on classic cars?

The analysis of the material clearly determines the age of the component. Forgeries or replicas are recognized without any doubt. In this case, it is important to have a large database of comparative analyzes and knowledgeable specialists specially calibrated for the requirement.

A spectral analysis by means of a radio spectrometer allows a nondestructive material analysis bsp. on the frame too. For application only a bit of paint has to be removed on the substrate. A sample does not have to be taken.

The material analysis allows conclusions about the age of the material. Newly built or modified vehicles can be identified without any doubt. It is measured at least twelve different points on the vehicle. The carbon content of the metal is an initial statement, but trace elements and other results are also relevant in detail.

material analysis on a Porsche 911
burning stain on a chassis of a Bugatti. There is no further damage
results of a spactral analysis
profile analysis of an old steel