VIN scanning by magneto-optical method

Magneto-optical VIN Scan

What is the device used for?

With the magneto-optical method, chassis numbers are examined for manipulation.

The magneto-optical process originally comes from forensic science. It is used for different applications. By attaching a magnet, a magnetic field is generated at the point of examination. The magnetic field penetrates up to 2 mm into the workpiece. A film makes the magnetic field visible via a reader.

Changes in the structure, such as digits and letters stamped with beat numbers as well as manipulations or changes, can be made visible.

The device is small and mobile

The process is mobile and absolutely non-destructive. The examination itself usually only takes about 30 minutes. Subsequently, the generated magnetic images are compared with the database.

Nummer original im Fahrzeug eingeschlagen
stamped number on a car
Nummer magnetooptisch gescannt
the same number scanned with the device