costs & prices

Costs & Prices

The following questions can be answered with the systems, if necessary in a network:

  • Was atypical welding performed on the vehicle
  • From what era does the built-in material come from, especially identity-forming parts (identity verification) like chassis or frame
  • does the stamped VIN correspond to the original (scan and database comparison)
  • were changes or manipulation carried in relevant places
  • did the vehicle had an accident or serious corrosion
  • may there be inaccessible to the vehicle, hidden, invisible numbers
  • are components original, from the specified time
Investigation units / h
Magneto-optical resonance method, VIN scan with database synchronization 450
Spectral analysis for the determination and dating of steel, per measuring point per vehicle should be min. 4 different measuring points can be selected.

plus metallurgical interpretation

plus additional costs




mobile x-ray examination

– Examine or search for welds

– Check the numbers that have been stamped

– Search numbers (eg. production number on the frame, etc., doors, etc.)

– detect fractures or cracks

Layer thickness test and layer determination of the individual layers in number and quality on non-metallic substrates by means of ultrasound 160
C14 isotope-based analysis for dating of organic materials 700
certificate of authenticity, optional 900

All prices are in Euro, plus travel costs and legal fees. VAT